Look Cook Book
A universal cooking language for cooking instructions, fully funded on Kickstarter.
In march 2018, Kieran quit his internship at LAPD Consultants in order to pursue a human focused project. The look Cook Book is the result of this venture. 
It was fully funded and dubbed a "Project We Love" on Kickstarter, featured by Core77, and demonstrated live on BBC News.
The book was then completed alongside his Final year of Industrial Design and Technology at Brunel University.
The book uses a system of graphics and iconography to communicate recipes, it is in-essence, a new visual language designed for cooking. By breaking down syntax and language down, it is easy to see that cooking is simply a formulation of putting ingredients into and out of things. This insight laid the foundation for the systems design. The book features 50 recipes and over 300 bespoke icons all designed, photographed and realised by Kieran McNally.
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